About us

The impossible is done immediately.
Miracles take a little bit longer.

Hans Looij

Over the last 40+ years I have worked on ‘everything with wheels’.

I started out at my fathers bicycle shop when I was about five years old. I was very proud when my very first overalls were bestowed upon me. Soon I became a specialist in patching tires and bicycle technology in general. I even took a course in bicycle repair. Unfortunately, before I finished my father sold his shop.

To be quite honest, by this time I was about 16 years old, I was getting more and more interested in ‘vehicles with an engine’. They go way faster… I was already driving cars even though I wasn’t legally allowed to. My father however thought it could come in handy. Besides, he rationalized, the police was ‘driving a pig’ at that time. When I failed my first official driving test the examiner looked a little bit puzzled when I got into my car and drove home. By the way: no worries, by now I have my drivers license for over 40 years.
My father also taught me the basics of automotive repair, so I got a job at an automotive company immediately. Within a few years I became a decent car mechanic. I noticed that I really understood the technology.

Even though I was successful, I still wanted to follow in my fathers footsteps. He actually was a coach driver. The bicycle shop was more of a sidestep.
For years I drove across Europe. I met all nationalities, learned a lot of languages and improved my ‘people skills’ in general. I really loved my job.
The ‘big tours’ happen during summer. Wintertime is ‘off-season’ in this business. A lot of my colleagues needed to find a different job during these months, but I didn’t. I put on my overalls and worked in the garage to fix up the coaches all winter.

By know I have my own coach company since 2007. We organise our own trips and tours and we provide services for whoever needs a coach: http://www.dds-amsterdam.nl.
The next step in my career was to use my technical skills again on a larger scale. For this reason we (my wife and I) started Bus & Truck Service. Finally a longtime dream came true: I was able to acquire a service van and furnish it according to my every wish and desire. I am very proud of the result and my customers’ response to my van puts a big smile on my face.

I take pride in repairing my customers’ vans, coaches and trucks and am overjoyed to get the appreciation of the drivers. My challenge is to solve any problem and ‘repair’ instead of ‘replace’ if possible. This saves my customers’ a lot of money.

I am blessed with a great team of mechanics who I inspire to work with the same precision and passion.

We would be honored to help you with your van, coach or truck related issues.
No rush? Please contact us at: info@bus-truckservice.com.
Breakdown? Call us at: 0031 (0)85 – 064 58 76.

We all speak English and Dutch. I myself speak German and a little Italian as well. Please be welcome to send your e-mail in Dutch, English, German, French, Italian or Spanish.